Wednesday, March 18, 2009

World's first color e-book on sale

The Fujitsu FLEPia is currently only available in Japan and is priced at just over $1000. It should not dent Kindle sales, although you get a lot for your money.

Features inlcude; an 8 inch screen of full sunlight-visible e-ink, 260,000 colors, 40 hour battery life, usb, wifi, bluetooth, SD card reader and touch screen. Running Windows CE the FLEPia is almost a hybrid tablet PC rather than eBook reader. One weakness of the device is the glacial screen refresh: almost 2 seconds for 64 colors up to 8 seconds for 260,000 colors.

Still, at one half-inch thick and .84 pounds, the FLEPia, which starts shipping on April 20th, heralds a new first in digital publishing.

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