Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kindle: Closer to a Revolution?

Jacob Wisberg continues his praise of Amazon's e-book reading device, Kindle, on the "pages" of Slate.com in his latest article, "Book End:  How the Kindle will Change the World" (http://www.slate.com/id/2214339/).  He continues the overused comparison to the Guttenberg revolution, however, noting the size of Amazon's database and publishing power (with reference to Amazon becoming Stephen King's publisher), his comparison may be becoming closer to the mark than many others in the past.  

This article also includes an embedded e-video piece, "Killer Apps" created by Farhad Majoo, who has rightly criticized Amazon for making the Kindle published e-books accessible exclusively through Kindle devices.  However, in this e-video, he demonstrates that Amazon has created a Kindle I-Phone app that allows Kindle e-books to be read on the I-Phone.  This opening of Kindle published e-books marks a significant turn in Amazon's licensing philosophy.  Could it be a crack in print's Bastillian wall?

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