Friday, March 13, 2009


The Architectural Record reports, "Several of Robert Venturi’s houses, like the Trubeck and Wislocki Houses in Nantucket, have sat near the water. But on Thursday, one of the architect’s creations will actually end up on top of it.

In a bid to avoid the wrecking ball, Venturi’s Lieb House is traveling by barge from the New Jersey coast to the north shore of Long Island. During the two-day trip, the house will journey through the Atlantic Ocean, across New York Harbor, up the East River, and into Long Island Sound—a distance of about 75 miles, as the seagull flies."

The new owners of the Lieb House, who'd planned to build a guest house in the Hamptons, realized new construction would be difficult, because of strict zoning regulations. So they decided to ship the four-bedroom Lieb House to serve as a guest house instead of building.

Someone made of video of the house en route. Unfortunately no tripod was used, so the watching video may come a little too close to replicating the sensations the house is experiencing -still nice to see it en route.

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