Wednesday, March 25, 2009

iPod touch generates more traffic than most phones

Apple's iPhone/iPod Touch user interface has made it so much easier to access the Internet compared to other mobile devices that its iPod Touch, which isn't even a mobile phone, beats out all mobile phones except the iPhone in terms of volume of Internet access, according to data released by AdMob.

The iPod touch doesn't have a cellular connection, but users can access the Internet via Wi-Fi. It generated 6.7 per cent of mobile traffic for AdMob in February. That is more than any other mobile phone except the iPhone which had 11.7per cent. Motorola's Razr came in third place, with 2.9 per cent of AdMob's traffic.

Over six months, despite the economic downturn, smartphones increased their share of mobile Internet access from 26 per cent to 33 per cent in February, AdMob reported.

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