Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Trader Joe's Fan Ad that is sure to go viral

Too good not to share.

OK, I posted the video yesterday and today I stumbled across this post over at Tame the Web and I have pretty much copied it here. It needs repeating, though:

Great post from David Armano who looks at a customer-created video “commercial” for Trader Joe’s and urges the most cool grocery store not to crush the initiative. Instead, he offers sage advice that librarians should take to heart as well for content created by the public about their institutions:

There are close to 100 comments on the video and over 33,000 views of the video. Track all mentions and embeds of the video and listen to how people are responding to it. If Trader Joe’s isn’t using a conversation monitering service, go with the the tools available out there such as
social mention.

The video is mostly complimentary but shows Trader Joe’s warts and all. Once input has been gathered from across the Web, put together a report with some qualitative findings that can be discussed internally within the organization. Remember, a brand isn’t what you say it is—it’s what they say it is. What can Trader Joe’s Learn if anything

Use the video as fodder to figure out how your orginzation will respond to these types of inevitable situations (similar to the volume content generated by
scores unofficial Trader Joe blogs). Maybe it’s time for to embrace some of these fan blogs/videos? There’s some great stuff out there.

Engage your customers in the comments. Talk to them—but only after you’ve taken the other steps. Use it as an opportunity to get into why they love your brand and what could be better about it. Then go back to listening—lather, rinse and repeat.

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