Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ten essentials for any library site

As a designer of web-based library services I am always on the lookout for new ideas and confirmation from my peers that our design team is heading in the right direction. We have made a strong effort to incorporate user-friendly design standards into our products and to implement Library 2.0 features and discovery tools such as tagging, facets, user reviews, social networking, RSS, live chat and more. Bells and whistles aside, this article in today’s “Library Journal” confirms we have made some smart choices and provides excellent guidance for the refinement of our products. Take a look at our Primo-powered beta site and let us know what you think. Because we serve 28 different schools, the header will be different on each site (and we have no control over its appearance) - just focus on the services offered below the header.

From the article :
The web site is your library's most important feature. Think about it: Where do people go to find out if a book is available, or if you carry a particular DVD or magazine? Patrons use the web site for numerous functions, such as renewing materials, placing holds, requesting information, and accessing databases. The homepage is the place they turn to look up your hours, branch locations, policies, and events. Whether users are at work, at home, in your building, or on their iPhone, the library's web site is the interface that you provide for them.

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