Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bookcrossing - Track Books You Have Shared

Bookcrossing is a community of 747,682 book lovers in nearly 150 countries who share books among friends. As the books are shared they make their way further and further (and maybe back nearer) the original owner. Bookcrossing tracks the books geographically as they migrate! What a cool idea.

You simply register the book on the site, receive a tracking number and inscribe it on your book before sending it on its way. As each new reader receives it, they simply log it into the site and eventually pass it on.

There is much more available at the site including forums, book search, reviews and comments and much more!


Margaret Murphree said...

What a coocl idea! I wonder... seems it would be good to have a book mark or something that alerts folks who find the book that it is a book crossing book and what they can do.

David Booker said...

When you register a book and get its id#, they suggest:

" Hello Kind Reader,

Just a quick note that I've registered this book at, so that I can keep up on where it goes, who reads it, and what they thought of it. Please visit to make a quick journal entry, then pass the book along to someone else who will appreciate it. We can all track this book's journey and the lives it touches forever more!

Thank You! "