Friday, February 13, 2009

iPhone App May be the Future of Music Downloads

It looks like iPhone apps might (will) be the next hot way to release music. This 10-track iPhone app from the Grammy-nominated electronic artist Deadmau5 lets anyone with an iPhone mix and remix every song in the album. The company plans to apply the same approach to several other electronica albums as well.

Deadmau5's iPhone app ($3 on iTunes) lets you load any of 10 quantized Deadmau5 tracks into its dual-track playback engine, which works pretty much like professional DJ software while being easy enough for anyone to experiment with.

You can change BPM, control up to four concurrent effects, skip to the next phrase or back to the last one, loop a phrase, and cross fade between the two tracks, or from one to the next. When some albums cost $18 on CD, a $3 album that includes the ability to remix it each time you listen seems like a pretty good deal. And since the tool is so easy to use, it lets anyone DJ a dance party by plugging their iPhone or iPod Touch into a stereo and letting 'er rip.

Thanks Wired

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