Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Talis RSS Trial

As part of Project Bluebird, a limited scope trial has been launched in partnership with Northumbria University. The objectives of the trial are to investigate practicality of providing personalised RSS feeds for Library System ‘MyAccount' information and to identify any issues arising. The trial is to run from January to Easter 2005, with a limited number of subscribers. A white paper Download PDF has been published describing the technologies and the operation of the trial.

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susanbcampbell said...

Jenny at Shifted Librarian responds, "How about a vendor that didn’t stop to ask everybody why or take a poll? Instead, they looked around, recognized the value on their own, and just did it rather than talking about it (or worse yet, not talking about it)."

Yes indeed. No years of discussion, no stalling for a "standard" to be minced out -action. Sometimes that's what's needed! Go Talis!