Thursday, July 07, 2011

A stunning Parisian optical illusion

Parisian artist Fran├žois Abelanet's work is on display outside Paris City Hall and looks like a giant grass sphere. It's actually flat.

This land art is an anamorphosis which is a distorted projection that comes to life when viewed at the proper angle. Stand to the side and you will see angular grass and dirt. Stand at the correct angle and the 3D image jumps out at you.

The "sphere" may look small in its 3D form, but it's actually huge, covering 1500 square meters, measures 100 meters long and uses 1200 square meters of lawn. Approximately, 90 gardeners worked for five days to assemble the entire display.

Here is a description and tour (albeit in French) from Paris TV. If you don't speak French, it is still worth a look because it puts the magnitude of the creation in perspective.

"Vous êtes ailleurs" ou à l'Hôtel de Ville ? by mairiedeparis

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