Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Allison Cooke Browne on the art of journaling with tea

I keep a journal and have for years. For me, journaling is more than merely chronicaling my day. The simple act of distilling a day into a few words brings focus to my life and forces me to examine my actions and experiences in a more detached and introspective manner. Allison Cooke Browne presents a most novel approach to journaling – one which, it seems, would require even further distillation of one's day.

From Ms. Browne:
"In Teatimes I record my daily ritual of pouring a cup of tea and writing in my journal. From a case that represents a Salada tea box, the reader selects and unfolds an empty tea bag and discovers a fragment of a journal entry. Where once there were tea leaves, now there are reflections written in sepia ink. There is a distinct contrast between the bag's exteriors, with their bright red commercial labels and declarative statements, and the unwrapped interiors, with handwritten personal musings. Private thoughts are steeping."

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