Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Fatminds Helps You Find The Best Continuing Education Courses

Fatminds is launching a Kayak meets Yelp for continuing education. The startup wants to help consumers find, research, ask questions and rate accredited adult courses, webinars, seminars, certificates and degrees.

Co-founder Tejash Unadkat says he founded the startup after seeing the lack of online resources when he tried to help his sister find a graduate degree program that matched her interests, location, budget, and schedule. He soon learned that there wasn’t a centralized platform (like Yelp) where you could not only find a list of courses offered for a particular subject but can also see reviews of the programs.

Fatminds is launching today with 10,000 educations institutions and courses (private, public, for profit and non-profit) in Massachusetts and California. The startup is also partnering with educational institutions to allow them to take control of their listings on Fatminds, and showcase their education offerings. These organizations can also answer questions directly from prospective students. The company has already partnered with the University of San Francisco to use Fatminds.

Fatminds is similar in some ways to TeachStreet, which helps consumers find classes for a variety of interests.

(Via TechCrunch.)

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