Friday, July 08, 2011

10 psychological states you've never heard of

Okay, maybe you've heard of some of them, but this is still an interesting read.

For example: Normopathy is a term that is used "to describe people who are so focused on blending in and conforming to social norms that it becomes an unhealthy mania." Aporia is "that feeling of crazy emptiness you get when you realized that something you believed in isn't actually true."

The full list is:
  1. Dysphoria
  2. Enthrallment
  3. Normopathy
  4. Abjection
  5. Sublimation
  6. Repetition compulsion
  7. Repressive desublimation
  8. Aporia
  9. Compersion
  10. Group feelings
Found at You can find this list and full definitions here.

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