Friday, August 07, 2009

Spacelocker: Just don't do it!

Spacelocker is a social network where you can go to “meet friends and connect to online stuff” and offers an “evocative experience that is fun, free and functional”. Wait.....what? Nevermind.

What I wanted to alert you to is this post over at TechCrunch that describes in detail the misadventures of an innocent patron who decided to give Spacelocker a try. Son Lee failed to notice the small print in the sign up form which states:
"Note if you sign up on the left side form with a web based email account and existing password, Spacelocker will invite your friends to join you by sending invitations automatically to the contacts in your email account. If you do not want your contacts invited, use the right side form with any email account, including web based, and create a new password."
Well, Son didn't notice that and used her Gmail account to sign up. When all of her Gmail contacts were contacted by Spacelocker she wrote to complain. They not only wiped out her account, but sent along this response:
Hi Son,

You obviously can write English. However I think you have a problem reading English; or are careless when you read. The sign up page has 2 forms on it. One form is to be used by those who want spacelocker to automatically invite their friends. The other form is to be used if you do not want to invite your friends. There are big red letters on the left side form that tells you to read the note on the sign up page before you sign up. The note on the sign up page tells you about the sign up procedures. There is a link to a blog on the sign up page which further explains the sign up procedures in detail. The terms of service and privacy policy of Spacelocker clearly set out what you have agreed to by signing up. You obviously failed to read any of that before you signed up and now you want to blame us for your carelessness!!! Incredible!!!

Her is a link to the sign up: Read it and think if you can! (emphasis mine)

Spacelocker Ltd
the happiest space on earth
To quote TechCrunch:
"...Spacelocker is purposely trying to trick new users so they can get some extra e-mail addresses to spam. And to add insult to injury, they feel the need to behave so rudely when a user files a formal complaint.
I totally agree and am sure the social ether will make quick work of this stupidly rude startup.


hampshire said...

Oh wow!!!!! its good way to find a friends..

David Booker said...

While I can not comment on Spacelocker's utility as a "friend finder" it is apparent that it would be a pretty good way to lose friends. Mass-spamming your contact lists is just NOT a good idea, and the arrogant attitude they exhibit in their response to the complaint referenced in the post is simply both unforgivable and incredibly stupid.