Thursday, August 27, 2009

Color Scheme Designer. Brilliant!

Color Scheme Designer combines the features of many other less capable generators into a unique, easy-to-use palette creator with all the best features.

The site is capable of generating single monochromatic, complimentary, triad, tetrad, analogic, and accented analogic color palettes. It can even simulate color-based vision disorders to see how your design colors will look—they even list the percentage of people suffering from the disorders. The preview function builds a dummy web page with the color scheme you choose so you can see how your selected colors look together off the palette.

Cool stuff and for designers, a godsend!

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Anonymous said...

Hi - thanks for this info!
While I don't design websites, I do design brochures and training material and this will help me to choose colours that sooth rather than clash.(Unless it's clashing I'm after!)
I also posted it on my blog
Thanks again,