Wednesday, August 19, 2009

British Columbia University introduces a grade worse than "F".

It used to be that the worst grade you could receive in school was an F, and that was bad enough.

But B.C.'s Simon Fraser University is taking punishment to a whole new level, introducing a grade of FD -- meaning failure with dishonesty -- the worst possible grade a student can receive.

Dr. Rob Gordon, acting chair of the senate committee on academic integrity, says:

"What used to be a lot of cheating in libraries has changed quite significantly. We now have to be concerned about cheating during exams with high-tech devices and the inappropriate use of internet sources and downloading, including online companies offering services to students that promote academic dishonesty."

"They only use this grade in particularly egregious cases of dishonestly or in cases when they've committed acts of dishonesty several times and haven't learned from their lesson."
The mark, which has yet to be used in its introductory semester, will stay on the student's transcripts for two years after graduation. The implications for employment after graduation should be obvious.


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