Wednesday, August 19, 2009

45% of employers check Facebook before hiring. 35% are rejected.

Career Builder is reporting that the number of potential employers that are using social networking sites like Facebook to screen applicants is growing - fast. Last year only 22% of employers used the sites but the explosive growth in popularity of Facebook, Twitter and such has provided a goldmine of insight into the personalities, habits, joys and sorrows os potential employees. Notably, of those potential employers who did scan the personal pages of applicants, 35% reported rejecting applicants because of data found there.

What caught their attention?
* Provocative or inappropriate photos or info--53%
* Drinking or drug use--44%
* Bad-mouthing previous employee, colleague or client--35%
* Poor communication skills--29%
* Discriminatory comments--26%
* Lied about qualifications--24%
* Leaked confidential info from previous job--20%

Intrestingly, 14% of employers have disregarded a candidate because the candidate sent a message using an emoticon such as a smiley face while 16 percent dismissed a candidate for using text language such as GR8 (great) in an e-mail or job application.

And if a candidate whose pages were examined WAS hired. What effect did his/her social site have on the process?
* Profile provided a good feel for personality and fit - 50%
* Profile supported candidate's professional qualifications - 39%
* Candidate was creative - 38%
* Candidate showed solid communication skills - 35%
* Candidate was well-rounded - 33%
* Other people posted good references about the candidate - 19%
* Candidate received awards and accolades - 15%

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