Wednesday, April 15, 2009

wi-fi radio - one user experience

After seeing the Pandora Radio ads and learning about reciva radio portal my interest in wi-fi radio peaked. I made the leap. I've been listening to international radio and Pandora for sometime, but only at the computer or with laptop/usb speakers. Somehow the idea of a familar, dedicated device that would perform the usual radio functions(presets, alarm clock, sleep timer, etc.) and let me access the whole world instead of making a universal device (laptop/desktop) do those tasks was appealing. I think that familiarity is also one reason Netflix is able to sell many Roku players.

I bought a Grace Radio. The first one was defective and had to be returned after failing to find any network after the first successful try. The second one (arrived quickly and without hassle) is working very well and does everything I want. If you're learning another language and want to improve listening skills, miss a station from your home town and want to stay in touch or just really enjoy your Pandora stations or certain streams or podcasts, you might want to consider a wi-fi radio.

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