Tuesday, April 07, 2009

All of 2009 WebTrends on One Map

For the past three years Information Architects has produced a map of the year's Web trends and it generally includes EVERYTHING. Kinda complicated to decypher, but pour a cup and browse the larger image available by clicking here.

Included are the 333 most influential web domains and 111 people, as measured by referral traffic; the height of each entry represents revenue and traffic while the width records "stability."


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

The stability aspect is particularly interesting to me, especially given the economy at this time. It seems like different companies that are the front-runners for a lot of the top technology trends around this time seem to hold their position, including Microsoft and Amazon, which both are becoming cloud computing rivals, as well as Google which has so many online applications it's no wonder why they are a huge influence. It's interesting to see that Blizzard also has about as much impact as Del.icio.us and Hotmail.