Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Recive - 50,000 audio streams from aroound the world

I can't remember if this was blogged here, but it certainly merits a post. My friend Susan turned me on to Reciva and it is pretty amazing. Reciva stereams literally tens of thousands of radio stations and on-demand streams. In fact, currently there are 16,529 stations and 21,242 streams. Amaazing! And from all over the world. 741 stations from France, 93 from Peru and almost 9000 from the USA. Enjoy!

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Chad Mairn said...

I've been playing with Reciva, but I am not impressed so far because the first 10-12 stations I checked didn't pass the Reciva daily stream test. I'll check again later. I'm hopeful that once I find a few stations that actually check their feeds, that I'll be hooked. Thanks for sharing and if you have a few favorite stations then please share them with me. :)