Friday, April 10, 2009

What it costs

What It Costs is an online service that provides information on the costs associated with a wide variety of services and concepts. Whether you want to know the price range of practical activities -- such as removing a tree stump from your yard, having your teeth whitened or joining a gym – or are interested in our more unusual articles – such as the cost of climbing the Seven Summits, being cryogenically frozen or cleaning up a murder scene – you will find all this and more on their website.

A few examples:

  • Have your septic tank pumped: $125 to $250

  • Climb Denali: $1,225 to $6,850

  • Learn to play drums: $800 to $1,300 (plus $100/month for lessons)

  • Hire a bodyguard: $200 to over $900 per day, plus expenses

  • Liposuction: $2,000 to $9,000 for treatment of one area

  • Run in the Boston Marathon: $3,100

Found over at The J-Walk Blog

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