Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sign Language Translator

Filed under the heading "Why?" and featuring a 3,500 word dictionary, this seemingly retrofitted PMP is navigated via stylus. You type in the word that you'd like to sign and a video pops up of a guy signing it.

The Sign Language Translator runs for 6 hours before needing a recharge via USB. Slated for a mid-May, the device will be priced at $199. Neat idea, but I give it a week before an iPhone app appears that steals the market. Even then, why would you not just write it down and show the text???

Also, for those of us who weren't aware, there is a great online resource here:


scampbell said...

You ask, "Even then, why would you not just write it down and show the text???" -maybe it's designed as a tool to help people practice when learning sign language.

David Booker said...

Good point, well taken. I did add a link to a neat online service I was not aware of.

Anonymous said...

ASL and English aren't the same; there are a number of important linguistic differences that can sometimes make translation difficult. This device could be used for communicating with those fluent in ASL but shakier in English.