Thursday, January 22, 2009

Authors: Beware of Copyright

Jeffrey A Tucker has learned the hard way the dangers of signing a contract with a publisher and the loss of rights that occurs. Check out this interesting article on the dangers to authors of copyright law in the digital publishing world and the benefits of publishing under the Creative Commons License.

"When an author signs a publication contract, insofar as it contains strict and traditional copyright notices, he is pretty much signing his life away. It used to be that the publisher would maintain control only so long as the book is in print. Today, with digital printing, this means forever: your lifetime plus 70 years."

"During this time, you can't even quote significant portions of your own writing without permission from the publisher, and you could find yourself paying the publisher for the rights. You can't read your own book aloud and sell the results. You certainly can't give a journal a chapter."

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