Monday, January 12, 2009


Trying to keep up with everything, but finding your aggregator is just getting out of hand? Do you agree with Dorothy Gambrell of Cat and Girl who wrote, "If television's a babysitter, the internet's a drunk librarian who won't shut up"? If so, popurls might be just the ticket. It's the frequently updated top ten from many, many sites: Digg, Fark, YouTube, Boingboing, Flickr, reddit, truemors, yahoo buzz, etc., etc.

A comparison I read and quote without attribution (because I lost it) said, "Sure, it’s just a popularity contest. But online, the herd is usually right. If the Internet is the great diffused brain of the world, popurls is the brainstem; all signals above a certain strength come through here, and it couldn't be easier to jack in." It's still close to drinking from a firehose. There are a lot of feeds here.

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