Tuesday, January 13, 2009

hakia - Is there a Librarian in the Web?

hakia is reaching out to librarians seeking to help improve Web search results. hakia is a "semantic" natural language search engine, dedicated to a quality search experience based on Web site credibility, information relevance and librarian assistance. hakia's indexing process seeks to determine what questions a page can answer rather than simply indexing all the words on the page.

hakia is the first search engine to reach out to librarians to build a collection of credible Web sites. Librarians join hakia and suggest credible websites based on their knowledge of the site and the following criteria:

Peer reviewed, Non commercial bias, Currency, Authenticity

hakia’s search results satisfy three criteria simultaneously:
  1. come from credible Web sites recommended by librarians
  2. represent the most recent information available
  3. remain absolutely relevant to the query.
Since librarians already keep lists of recommended websites for patrons, hakia is trying to join the power of a search engine with the collective knowledge of librarians concerning these credible websites. Returning relevant, credible results should improve searching speed and quality for your patrons. You can join the "h-club" at hakia and share your knowledge with other searchers.

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