Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Nokia N97 and iPhone

Here's a look at Nokia's newest phone and ways it compares to the iPhone. Nokia's

Robert Scoble says:
1. It does 16:9 video. The iPhone doesn’t even do video. So, how can you go to a Daft Punk concert and record it to taunt your friends?
2. It has a 5 megapixel camera. The iPhone only has 2, and the quality isn’t even close. The camera also has a dual LED flash, so you can take pictures in the dark where the iPhone can’t.
3. I can type three Facebook status messages on the N97’s nice QWERTY keybord in the time that I can type two on the iPhone.
4. It does copy and paste, so you can copy URLs to send to your friends. The iPhone can’t do that.
5. It has replaceable batteries so you can charge up three batteries and Facebook for days, while the iPhone needs to be hooked back up to the wall for recharging after a few hours.
6. The GPS device does turn-by-turn and has a built in compass, so you’ll get to your parties faster than with the iPhone, which doesn’t have a compass and doesn’t do turn-by-turn.

Price? $550 before subsidy, so price should be about $350 in stores.

Availabilty? Second quarter of 2009.

(Another look in a 1:35 video here.)


David Booker said...

Well, you couldn't have picked a more biased reviewer. Scoble is legendary for his Apple bashing - just Google "Scoble and Apple". However, that said, the user experience and the application store are what keep the iPhone ahead IMHO. Add to that the regular software updates and bullet proof operation and I'll stick with my iPhone. I will also admit the shortcomings Scoble reffed, but expect those to be remedied as the updates continue to flow.

Anonymous said...

1) If technical specs were all-important, the PS3 would be outselling both the XBox 360 and the Nintendo Wii.
2) I can type faster on an iPhone than on a BlackBerry's tiny, Chiclet sized keys, but this is a matter of practice. The world is full of guitarists that can't imagine one would play a string instruments that has no frets, yet for centuries musicians that play members of the fretless violin family have somehow been able to muddle through (although perhaps this is why the are wasting their time in symphony orchestras instead of being on MTV).