Friday, December 19, 2008

You can't afford NOT to own a $900 espresso machine

OK, this has little to do with information science but most of us drink coffee. I stumbled upon a nifty little anonymous article on Soul Shelter that explains it clearly. Here is a teaser:
    “OK, consider this: One double latte costs three dollars at a coffee shop, so your outside coffee-drinking habit comes to six dollars a day for you and your wife. That’s $2,190 per year in after-tax dollars,” Dave extrapolated. “Assuming you’re in the 27 percent tax bracket, that means you have to earn $3,000 before taxes to pay for those lattes. That’s more than a month’s wages for a substitute teacher here in the state of Oregon.”

Check out the post for details. I am still not dropping a grand on a coffee machine (mine was a couple hundred) but the argument is sound.


swag said...

This math is a complete crock perpetrated by the coffee machine pushers and failed personal finance wannabes.

Here's the real economics behind this:

Anonymous said...

Swag, I just read your article and found it equally ludicrous and not nearly as entertaining.