Friday, December 12, 2008

iRex Digital Reader 1000S

At $750 the 10 inch Wacom-based touchscreen tablet is certainly the Rolls Royce of eBook readers, but it falls short of the never available, always sold-out Kindle from Amazon. One interesting feature is that you can "print" to it - meaning you can send documents from your PC via the print command. Another means to get content is PressReader, a third-party Windows app that securely transmits "800 newspaper titles from 81 countries, including The Telegraph, Washington Post, USA Today, Die Welt, NRC Handelsblad, Le Figaro..."

Anyway, doomed to fail if you ask me. Reviewed at Gizmodo

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Mark said...

Too expensive. The Kindle is bad enough at $359, but at least we have wireless included.