Monday, January 24, 2005

Smells over the web via XML - (should I build an icon?)

A researcher at Huelva University in Spain claims to have created a version of XML that can transmit smells, or fragrances if you prefer, according to the Inquirer which has picked up on an article published in Spanish elmundo

"The university said that it's worked with researchers in both computing and chemistry to come up with the concept of the XML Smell language.

The researchers said they quickly realised that smells could be propagated over networks and the Web. And so they have created XML Smell, which they claim can define in universal and standardised way the transmission of smell which allows the transmission of fragrances by email, by SMS to a mobile phone, or via a TV show.

Currently, the boffins are designing a device which will sit close to a TV, a radio, a phone or a PC, and which contains a "smell palette". The components in the palette are realised according to instructions contained in the XML Smell language."

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