Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Internet Explorer is rapidly losing market share...

Something for us to consider:

Firefox has garnered more than 20 million downloads, and IE is down to about a 90% market share. Nothing to sneeze at, to be sure, but it's not hard to see the downward trend. How is Firefox doing this? Why, by building a better browser and giving it away free. Speakeasy, one of the nation's bigger DSL providers, has announced that it will offer a version of the Firefox browser to subscribers.

c/net commentator Charles Cooper says:
If Steve Ballmer wants to pay a courtesy call, he can always hop on Highway 520 and drive a half hour to Speakeasy's corporate headquarters (depending upon the time of day, of course.) But whining won't do the trick. I dumped Internet Explorer last year and haven't regretted the decision. Fact is that Microsoft, fat and happy in monopoly heaven, has done precious little to advance the state of browser technology. Since besting Netscape in the browser wars in the late 1990's, the company's attention has been elsewhere. And now the chickens are coming home to roost.

Another article here.

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