Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Apple releases iPhone OS 3.1 Beta

Just a week after the release of iPhone 3.0, Apple is delivering bug fixes and much needed updates.

Users will find that the beta updates gives the iPhone OS 3.1 tactile feedback (a vibrate function) when icons are moved, Bluetooth compatible voice control, paste capabilities when utilizing the dialer application, which will now also convert alphanumeric numbers into regular numbers after they are pasted, and a “Save a Copy” option to the video editing feature. The new update also delivers an update to the modem firmware (version 5.08.01).

AT&T customers will also be happy to find the MMS button, though it has not been determined whether or not this will signal the start of the carrier actually providing this service.

Developers will notice improvements to Quartz and OpenGL. The OpenGL update will allow for games with more elaborate graphics to be played aside from applications. Video editing will be available to third party applications via a Video Editor Controller API.

Undetermined is whether or not this update fixes the overheating issue that many users have reported.

Found at TG Daily

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