Monday, July 13, 2009

11 Undocumented Features Of Google Chrome OS (just for fun)

  1. Your family photos are accompanied by text ads for skin care and diet plans.

  2. Removes all Falun Gong references from your files.

  3. Every month, the hard drive is automatically defragged and investigated for anti-trust violations.

  4. Invests in, develops, acquires, and abandons your best ideas.

  5. Integrated tax preparation software includes "I'm Feeling Lucky" deductible button.

  6. Changes your icons daily, forcing you to look up which obscure scientific figure is having a birthday.

  7. Spends 20% of its time not doing what you tell it to do.

  8. Prevents all evil activity unless it is deemed to be for the good of the shareholders.

  9. Masseuse comes by every Monday afternoon.

  10. Constant crashes won't bother anybody as long as it's labeled "Beta".

  11. "Beta" status won't expire until 2038.

Found at: Woot Blog

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