Tuesday, June 02, 2009

E-ink and Prime View merge for color Kindle

Prime View International (PVI) the primary partner of E-ink who makes the displays for Amazon's Kindle, Sony's E-Reader, and Plastic Logic's electronic books has bought out its partner for an estimate $215 million. The move was specifically noted by E-ink's vice President Sriram Peruvemba as a way to simplify operations, and it will give E-ink the cash and manpower to push development of color electronic paper displays. Kindles are currently limited to black and white or grayscale imagery and in a recent interview Amazon’s Jeff Bezos said color on the Kindle was “multiple years” away.

The a newly-restructured E-Ink and PVI should accelerate development. Peruvemba pointed to the end of 2010 for when mass production will begin. That means a color Kindle may be just 18 months or so in the future.

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