Monday, June 22, 2009

1,000+ pages on your bookshelf?

Have you always meant to read David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest? Did you start and get bogged down in the first several hundred pages? Here's a chance to try again with a support group. At you can "Join endurance bibliophiles from around the world in reading Infinite Jest over the summer of 2009, June 21st to September 22nd. A thousand plus pages (with endnotes - a lot of them) ÷ 92 days = 75 pages a week. No sweat." Four guides, a blog, twitter at #infsum, Facebook and more. It is a chance to carry around something even heavier than a laptop to improve fitness AND get to know a post-modern classic. (Of course, the improved fitness won't be available for Kindle readers -at least not from carrying the book around!)


Anonymous said...

I have always meant to read Infinite Jest, but I believe the book is by David Foster Wallace. Dave Eggers just writes the forward in the new paperback edition.

scampbell said...

Oops! I knew that! Thanks for catching my error.

David Booker said...

You are correct! The post has been edited. Thanks!