Wednesday, June 10, 2009

AOL + Sears = barf.

Just when you can't think of anything more pitiable than the totally irrelevant and pathetically mundane AOL, they join forces with Sears and create GNN (The Good News Network). To quote TechCrunch:
"There you will find feel-good stories such as “Senior Couple Ties the Knot,” “Lucky Boy Discovers Seven-Leaf Clover,” and “Tourist Survives Dangerous Train Ride.” Topics you can explore further include “Heroes, Winners,” “Upbeat News,” and “More Good News.” You can barf now."
I just did in my mouth a little.

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Anonymous said...

Paul Harvey may be gone, but thank goodness for the Good News Network. It will boost our nation's spirits, in the grand tradition of FDR's Firesign Theatre chats. Is it really barf? Hard to say, because as the bass player for Spinal Tap said, "you can't dust for vomit".