Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Talking Post-it Notes

VoiSec is a tiny button for recording, storing and playing short spoken messages with a good quality of sound.

VoiSec runs on batteries, requires no other devices and can be re-used time after time. It is designed for robustness and optimum ergonomics. Just press the lid to play the message, press again to abort. The flat surface of the lid can be used for marking by adhesive stickers or marker pens.

The button can easily be attached to other objects, e.g. to tell the contents of a package.The included attachment tray uses e.g. a double-sided adhesive patch, velcro patch or magnet to attach VoiSec to other objects.
When the button is removed from the tray and compressed, a new message may be recorded using the built-in microphone underneath.

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