Thursday, April 28, 2005

Cool OPAC Tricks

The Bedford Public Library System has added some neat features to their OPAC. First click on "Search" and then check out some of the "New at the Library" links at the bottom. According to librarian Donna Pletcher:
"This is done by putting a 695 field in the MARC record with a specially created subject heading. We've worked out a macro such that there is virtually no data entry involved for the cataloger. It's very simple on their end."

"The rest is done using the Pac Config module in HTML. You can look at the source on the search page and see where I've copied in the search URL for each new item link."

"I worked on this in February, brought it out in March and the staff love it. Patrons discovered it quickly and place holds on anything available, especially in fiction. I'd like to also create a link for award winners and maybe staff picks. People tell me they check it regularly looking for what's new and available."

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