Thursday, March 17, 2005

Wearable hub for communications in the home

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Siemens has developed a communications device which recognizes voice commands and allows its user to control home communications and automation systems. The device can be worn like a badge or pin on clothes and transmits commands via Bluetooth to a central home communications server where a software converts the words into commands for the hooked-up systems.

The wearer can, for example, control the intercom system of a house, communicate with a visitor standing at the front door and instruct the master locking system to open the door. S/he can also accept phone calls and conduct phone conversations over a loudspeaker. A connection with an e-mail inbox on a PC is also envisioned. The voice recognition software reads incoming e-mails and recites the text.

The program doesnít have to be "trained" to recognize the userís voice. It can recognize 30,000 words, and predefined commands can be spoken. Beisdes, the software recognizes semantically linked words from longer sentences.

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