Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Florida high school puts the library online with Questia

High-tech high school puts the library online
By Sandra Hong
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, March 01, 2005
While some teachers and librarians worry about the trend toward online resources, Centennial is expanding its reach of Web-based learning.

Last fall, the school cleared out the books in the library and converted them into virtual form.

Through the Questia online library, students now have unlimited access to 52,000 books and 989,000 journals and magazines. They can power-search all the materials, highlight and take notes in the margins.

Best of all, teachers said, there's never a shortage of resources.

Centennial was among the first in the state to use Questia schoolwide. Now it's piloting a new classroom version that allows teachers to create and assign lessons online. Students follow the lessons at their own pace, take tests and turn in homework via the Web.

Principal Trina Trimm said the school's move toward Web-based learning was a way to capture students' attention.

'We knew we wanted to expand the circulation of the library,' she said. 'Why not use this love of technology to connect them to the library?'

Other schools are taking notice, and Monday several administrators from Palm Beach and Seminole counties visited Centennial for a look at the new programs.

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David Booker said...

I have just taken the "in-depth" tour of Questia on their site. Link Here and I was impressed!