Friday, June 10, 2011

Bacon Ipsum

Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet sirloin meatloaf ground round beef tail. Meatloaf pork loin biltong venison short ribs shankle. T-bone ground round flank cow ham hock pork belly. Biltong pig pork belly strip steak, shoulder tri-tip ribeye beef jowl bacon beef ribs hamburger meatball pork jerky. Jowl chicken tail, jerky shank cow biltong ham ball tip hamburger salami ham hock tri-tip pork. Salami shank ham ribeye, t-bone cow flank short ribs hamburger pig strip steak. Salami pork belly corned beef hamburger turkey beef ribs.

Shankle shoulder bacon swine shank, pork biltong turkey beef meatloaf cow pork belly tenderloin sausage. Bacon ribeye chuck tail ball tip spare ribs, ground round hamburger short loin shankle sirloin meatloaf ham hock drumstick. Meatloaf ribeye ground round, pork loin shank bresaola meatball salami biltong. Shankle beef spare ribs pork meatloaf, turkey sirloin. Tongue ribeye biltong, short loin shank pancetta ball tip chicken tri-tip. T-bone meatball chuck, cow tenderloin bacon shankle pig meatloaf. Sirloin flank pork chop chicken tri-tip corned beef.

Via Gizmodo

Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting, Smoking, and Curing

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