Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Research: A third of people want an iPhone - and more!

More than a third of phone owners who don’t already own an Apple iPhone are thinking about getting one. According to research from Crowd Science, 38 per cent of people who own non-Apple phone say they will "probably" or "definitely" switch to an iPhone upon their next purchase.

In comparison, only 14 per cent of non-BlackBerry users are thinking that their next phone will be a BlackBerry, reports Internet News. The Crowd Science research found that 82 per cent of the iPhone users it polled were loyal to the iPhone brand. Of the people who were questioned, one in every three owned an iPhone.

The study said that: "Virtually all iPhone owners, 97 per cent, would recommend an iPhone to someone else, and 82 per cent would buy another iPhone. Furthermore, almost six in ten iPhone users agree they would buy Apple products over other brands if given the choice."

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