Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Introducing LiLi - A Library Cruiser

Right on the heels of National Bookmobile Day comes the launch of the newest library liaison.

Meet LiLi – Library Live and On Tour - a new initiative by the Fraser Valley Regional Library in British Columbia. Touted as the first of its kind in the world:

Library Live and On Tour will shatter preconceptions about libraries, library services and librarians. Library Live and On Tour will deliver services to people in our communities who do not know about our libraries or have some obstacle to visiting them. Unlike ‘bookmobiles’, Library Live & On Tour will stress service, access to information and awareness rather than being exclusively about library materials.

The centerpiece of LiLi is a transformed 2012 Nissan Cube, completely revamped to include:

an undercarriage glow
the back opens to reveal a mounted 40″ plasma digital display screen
external sound system, with wireless mic
built-in bookshelf with giveaway books
2 laptop computers with 3G connectivity
2 Kobos &; a Sony eReader
an iPad2 &; a Blackberry Playbook
an Xbox Kinect
and, of course, the car horn that plays OOOGA!

At least there is still a bookshelf in it!

Post at Dysart &Jones, Now THAT'S a Mobile Library!

(Via Book Patrol.)

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