Thursday, March 29, 2012

How Books Are Born (video)

Sure, high speed printers can spew out the WSJ's full daily circulation in five hours but where's the soul in that? Where's the craftsmanship? To see the magic of traditional book-making in action, check out Birth of a Book.

Glen Milner produced this book-binding vignette at Smith-Settle Printers in Leeds, England as the binders bound Suzanne St Albans' Mango and Mimosa.


nh2k5 said...

AMAZING!It's so sad this will be lost in a couple of decades :(

David Booker said...

No doubt that electronic media (eBooks) is supplanting much of the traditional bookbinding industry, but I do think books will be around for a while.

I have both a traditional Kindle and the Kindle app on my iPad and I do find them convenient. However The Folio Society just delivered a box of hand-bound sleeved editions that I look forward to adding to my collection. BTW, my office is filled with books including at least 10 first editions so books are not leaving my life any time soon!

What I find myself doing is using the eReaders for "throwaways" - you know, like a cheap spy novel that you enjoyed reading but don't necessarily add to your permanent collection. For myself, I see that as likely a continuing pattern.