Friday, March 30, 2012

Harry Crews is dead. Meet him in this video.

A great Georgia Author who lived hard and died too early. Crews was the son of sharecroppers in Bacon County, Georgia. His father died when he was two. RIP, Harry.

"I don't suppose you could imagine a more alienated human being than a south Georgia sharecropper who must move every year from one leeched-out patch of soil to another. Never owning anything. With his back continually to the wall. Other people get medical care. He gets none. Other people get oranges and grapefruit or lemons to keep from getting trench mouth or scurvy, but he has none. Other people have children who have shoes. But his have none. I mean, if he's not alienated, who the hell is? Maybe if I write about alienated male characters, maybe this alienation comes just from my own life."
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