Friday, June 24, 2011

Ten brands that will disappear in 2012

24/7 Wall Street has compiled a list of ten companies that are in so much trouble that it is almost certain they will not live another year. Some on the list were quite a surprise to me. Below is the list, the rationale behind the list is at the link.

1. SONY Pictures
2. A&W Restaurants
3. Saab Automobiles
4. American Apparel
5. Sears (!)
6. SONY Ericson
7. Kellog's Corn Pops
8. MySpace
9. Soap Opera Digest
10. Nokia


Jeannie Dixon said...

several are a surprise to me. interesting list.

Sara H said...

Corn Pops would have done better if they'd stayed gluten-free. :)