Monday, March 14, 2011

The Power of Pull: Your personal data locker.

Pull by David Siegel predicts the next disruptive wave to be the semantic web – a more standardized, accessible Web where our personal data will be so precisely parsed as to make logical conclusions possible. He predicts a fundamental transition from pushing information to pulling, using a new way of thinking and collaborating online. Siegel envisions the future of smart computing where your data follows you around and is accessible from anywhere through the Web, predicting that hardware and operating systems will become obsolete as the Web itself becomes the computer. The "cloud" will at last arrive with all its potential realized.

David Siegel, is an entrepreneur and public speaker who has been writing and lecturing about the Internet and the semantic web since 1995. He started blogging in 1994, before the term was invented, and built some of the Internet's first sites. He is an active angel investor and advisor to startups and large corporations. He is the author of the bestselling Creating Killer Websites and Futurize Your Enterprise. He lives in New York City. Below is a descriptive and fascinating video demonstrating his concepts. His blog and more detailed information is here.

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