Tuesday, March 01, 2011

First Book: Access to new books for children

From the site:
"At First Book, our innovative approaches tackle the single biggest barrier to the development of literacy – access to books.

To date, First Book has provided more than 80 million books to children in need, increasing access to needed materials for educators and administrators, and helping to elevate educational opportunities for our nation’s most disadvantaged youth.

But that’s just the beginning – our successes, while impressive, have only reached a small fraction of the population in need in the United States. We have more work to do, more audiences to reach, more educators and administrators to empower, and ultimately more children who need books and quality educational opportunities – and we cannot do it alone.

We don’t want to fight illiteracy – we want to end it. By working together, we can and will create a generation of lifelong readers and achievers."

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First Book said...

Thanks for sharing! Libraries are one of the most important places for us to reach, especially libraries that serve kids from low-income neighborhoods, so we're always glad when librarians get involved with First Book.