Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dribbble your design shots!

Part of my job involves monitoring trends and identifying weak signals in the technology world. I do this mostly by keeping up with a series of blogs and a few interesting web sites. is one of those.

Dribbble is part social network, part promotion for graphic artists and product designers and 100% eye candy. The site uses a basketball metephor with individual submissions called "shots" and users called "players". The site asks the simple question, "What are you working on?"

While the site is open to the world to view, becoming a "dribbbler" is not. The founders invited some of the best designers on the planet to participate and gave them the option to invite a few of their friends.

Dribbbe is a web site and apparently, based on this image from Dribbler Thomas Ricciardiello, coming soon to an iPhone near you.

1 comment:

Thomas Ricciardiello said...

It was just a mockup for something that doesn't exist.