Wednesday, June 30, 2010

airplane seats/cozy suites

After ALA and schlepping stuff all around D.C. and through the airports, I was tortured on the last leg of my return flight by a traveler with a newspaper. In the tiny plane between xxx and xxx she sat sideways in her chair with her legs crossed in the aisle so she could hold her newspaper out, two-trucks wide and read like she was in her own private lounge. Feet in the aisle, but back, arm and newspaper halfway into my seat. I was ready to bite by the time we reached our destination.

I was thinking about a portable barrier I could clamp to the armrest in the future (maybe with spikes on the other side) –then I found this cozy suite. More information and images at Thompson Solutions. 15% capacity increase or 2" more per seat! Seriously!!

I was pleased to read Delta had planned to order some. At the end I noticed the date. :-( I now despair that there will never be humane travel in coach or in planes without first/business class service.

Did the Cozy Suite purchase go through? Did Delta install them on 100 of its 777 and 767s? Has anyone ever seen them, experienced them on any airline? (Thompson Solutions customer list: Emirates Airlines, Swiss International Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, First Choice Airlines, BE Aerospace,Contour Premium Seating, Sicma Aeroseat and Delta Airlines.) How was it? Should we start pestering airlines into testing them in more planes? Should we start designing portable barriers to clamp on armrests? Maybe instructions about how much space you may use should follow the tips about how to un/buckle seatbelts, wear oxygen masks and use the seat cushion as a flotation device -at least I think that's what they were talking about.

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