Monday, May 10, 2010

40 sources for more free books online

The following websites offer free unabridged books online. Book options include fiction, nonfiction, verse, classic works and reference books.

  • Bartleby - Bartleby has one of the best collections of literature, verse and reference books that can be accessed online for no charge.

  • Biblomania - A great collection of classic texts, reference books, articles and study guides.

  • Books-On-Line - A directory of more than 50,000 (mostly free) books that are posted on the Internet. Browse by author, subject or keyword.

  • Bookstacks - This site has nearly 100 free books from 36 different authors. The books can be read online or downloaded as a PDF.

  • - Read thousands of classic books and other ebooks online or transfer files to your computer. Special topics include music, games, cooking, science and travel.

  • Classic Book Library - A free online library containing historical fiction, romance, mysteries, science fiction and children's literature.

  • Classic Bookshelf - Electronic library of classic books with a special Java eBook reading program for easy viewing.

  • Classic Reader - An expanding collection of classic fiction, non-fiction, poetry, children's stories and plays--more than 4,000 works by hundreds of authors.

  • Ebook Lobby - Hundreds of free ebooks in categories that range from business and art to computing and education.

  • EtextCenter - More than 2,000 free ebooks from the University of Virginia Library's Etext Center. Books include classic fiction, children's literature, historical texts and bibles.

  • Fiction eBooks Online - Hundreds of plays, poems, short stories, picture books and classic novels.

  • Fiction Wise - Free works of fiction from the top independent ebook seller in the world.

  • Full Books - Thousands of full-text books sorted by title--both fiction and nonfiction.

  • Get Free Books - Thousands of free books on nearly every topic imaginable. All books are available for instant download.

  • Great Literature Online - Free, HTML formatted e-text from A links page for each author makes this site a great resource for college students.

  • Hans Christian Andersen - A wonderful collection of stories and fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen (translated into English.)

  • Internet Public Library - Online collection with more than 20,000 titles.

  • Literature of the Fantastic - Small collection of science fiction and fantasy books with links to discussions.

  • Literature Project - Free library of classic books, poems, speeches and plays with optional speech-to-text software.

  • Magic Keys - Free illustrated children's stories for people of all ages.

  • Many Books - More than 20,000 free ebooks for your ebook reader, PDA or iPod.

  • Master Texts - Database of free, full-text literary masterpieces searchable by title, subject and author.

  • Open Book Project This site, geared towards the educational community, provides free textbooks and other educational materials online.

  • Page By Page Books - Hundreds of classic books that can be read in the Page By Page e-Library.

  • Project Gutenberg - More than 25,000 free books are available from Project Gutenberg. An additional 100,000 titles are accessible through Project Gutenberg's partners and affiliates.

  • Public Literature - A huge collection of fine literature that showcases classic authors and modern works from around the world.

  • Read Print - Free online library with thousands of books, poems and plays for students and teachers.

  • Ref Desk - Tons of free encyclopedias and other reference books from the best reference site on the web.

  • The Online Books Page - A listing of over 30,000 free books on the web from the University of Pennsylvania.

  • The Perseus Digital Library - An evolving digital library from Tufts University that features texts from the classical and Renaissance world.

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